Are you ready to make a change and live the amazing life you've always dreamed about?

One of the greatest joys comes from knowing yourself well, accepting, celebrating and sharing your unique gifts.  But, sometimes it’s hard to know what those gifts truly are. Do they even exist? Many people live for decades without even a clue of what is unique or special about themselves and this often leads to living a life where you aren’t dreaming big or living amazing.  If you could clear away the clutter, uncertainty, and obstacles, what would your life look like?  Very different, right!  My Dream Big Coaching method can help you clear up your life, say bon voyage to clutter and help you find your true, unique gifts.  Your true light will shine and your will be saying “I’m living the amazing life of my dreams”, every day!

This is the day, can you feel it?

I coach clients who want to Dream Big and Live Amazing lives.  Instead of being stuck, they want to be free.  Instead of living in a rut, they want the confidence to soar.  Instead of dreading their job on Monday, they want to have their dream job.  My clients want to be great leaders, expert communicators, compassionate, confident, resilient and in charge of their lives every minute!

 You need someone special, like a Dream Big Life Coach or Accountability Partner to help you.  One of the greatest joys

This is the day to make a change for you, now!

If you’re new to coaching or the thought of having an Accountability Partner,  think of it like having a personal trainer for your life, career and your soul. Someone helping you realize and set goals and keep you accountable. A combination of consultant, supporter, expert motivator, and honest feedback (someone who may even kick you in the butt to get you moving). There is NO more playing the “blame game”  when you are really ready for a change! Time to start working on you.

You can start NOW….

Having objectivity, support and someone to bounce ideas off of as you navigate new terrain, can just help you to feel better, de-stress, stay more focussed and in control. There is no specific agenda with coaching or an accountability partner, other than what you want to achieve and accomplish. Your dreams and goals are yours. This is one of the first things we establish. It’s all about you now!

 I’ve had the privilege of  working with individuals who want to make a change in their life but aren’t sure where to start, how to go about it and need accountability. I’ve helped them with their emotional intelligence, or also known as EQ forming the building blocks to realize their true shining light.  

I’d love you to find out more about YOU. 


 You will also have a chance to speak with me personally on a Dream Big. Live Amazing. Strategy Session. If you are ready to talk to me now email me bonita@dreambig- or click the box below to book your free strategy session.  We will talk about where you are and where you want to be and if and how I can help you get there, NOW.  

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h o t b a l l o o n



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I work with people in a few different ways.

  • Live Workshops

  • One on One Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0) Assessments

  • Webinars and Virtual Courses

  • Accountability Partner

  • Mastermind Groups

After 15 years of corporate training in Canada and the US, helping professionals be successful and productive in their businesses, I created Dream Big. Live Amazing. and haven’t looked back.  I design my life with a Daily Compass and Vision Board and many other tools.  Those helped me realize my own Big Dreams and how I wanted to live my Amazing Life.

I can help you also create an amazing life for you.  What do you want?  Maybe….

be a better leader
scuba dive or climb mountains

have more confidence

handle stress better
create the career you really want
find the love of your life

Your dreams are yours, but let’s get there now!

        Let me  help you start living the amazing life of your dreams!

h o t b a l l o o n


Bonita Lehmann

Dream Big Coach & Accountability Partner

EQ Certified Coach

Best Selling Author & Speaker

Edmonton, AB Canada

A member of the Public Speakers Association

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