Dream Big. Live Amazing.

To Dream Big and Live Amazing, what does that mean?  To me, it is a reminder to live, love and be on purpose.  A reminder to live life everyday as much as possible and to remember to big picture of life.  A reminder to love, be loved and to be kind to others.  A reminder to be on purpose, to find why you are here and embrace it.

I was struggling with my life 8 years ago until one day I hit rock bottom.  My warrior voice called out and saved me, because up until then it was my worry voice that I heard.  Worrying about everyone else except me.  I pulled my self up and day by day, month by moth I made important changes in my life to being me here today, dreaming big and living an amazing life.

My memoir called “Saving Her. Saving Me. On My Way to Finding Something Magnificent” that shares my personal journey to to a warrior.  Learning to be accountable, believe in myself and make the commitment to finally make changes.

Today, I am a very different person than a few years ago, having made drastic changes to my health and wellness, family, personal growth, spirituality and career. Going from a worrier to a warrior by choosing to listen to the strong voice that had my best interests in mind.  Every day, listening to my strong warrior voice I made small but significant changes and day after day, week after week.  Starting with my health, I finally lost weight, finally breaking free from the unhealthy eating and lifestyle.  Then, I felt strong and ready to take the next steps.

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I am an international best selling author and  inspirational speaker, openly sharing my journey to inspire others that they can too through finding their warrior voice that makes the difference between wanting and talking about something, to actually doing it.

With the help of a very powerful tool, a visual Mind Movie my life became amazing and big dreams quickly became a reality.  Create it.  Watch it.  Live it.

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With Gratitude,