Every day we all have 60,000 chances every day to be a passionate life warrior or a passive life worry-er!

Most of these 60,000 chances go unnoticed! They steer us completely in the wrong direction and before we know it, we are somewhere we never planned to be.

In the wrong job

In the wrong place



Nervous and doubtful

In the wrong relationship


Those 60,000 chances come in the form of thoughts that are connected with an emotion.

Have you ever gotten mad at someone and not really understood why? When you finally calmed down, it ended up being because you were disappointed in yourself… has that ever happened?

Have you ever walked away from an opportunity because you were too nervous or scared? Maybe, opportunities seem to pass you by and you’re frustrated. All of this and more are controlled by your thoughts and emotions.

It’s called emotional intelligence or EQ (emotional quotient). Once you learn to understand your emotions and how they impact those around you, you can begin to unlock your passion for life. It’s like the world becomes a brighter place with you in charge! You start to understand yourself and others around you. Your connection with people deepens, especially with family and loved ones. At work, you will start to excel, take opportunities and maybe even get that promotion you were hoping for. Maybe, you even start to work towards that business you want to start or that book you want to write. The possibilities are endless when you are a passionate life warrior!

A passive life worry-er completely misses those chances, but a passionate life warrior harnesses them and uses them to build the amazing life of their dreams.

Thoughts Control Emotions. Emotions Control Your World.

Harness Your Emotions & Rule Your World.   

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Bonita Lehmann

EQ Certified

Best Selling Author & Speaker

Edmonton, AB Canada