Almost 10 years ago, Bonita did a 180 and changed the direction of her life forever.  She started with taking control of her health and wellness.  By being accountable, believing in herself and a daily commitment for betterment both personally and professionally.

Her mantra is simple.  Dream big.  Live amazing.  Those 4 simple but powerful words drive Bonita everyday.  From being an international best-selling author, an inspirational speaker and emotional intelligence coach/accountability partner EQi 2.0, Bonita does it big and amazing every chance she gets!

Her memoir “Saving Her. Saving Me. On My Way to Finding Something Magnificent”   shares her personal journey of resiliency in life.  Becoming a warrior by learning to be accountable, believe in myself and make the commitment to finally make changes.  Bonita emerges a warrior in the process.

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Bonita openly and honestly shares her journey to inspire others.  Inspires others from the stage and her workshops to harness their inner warrior so they can find their own warrior voice.  It makes the difference between wanting it, talking about it ….. to actually doing it.


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What others are saying about Saving Her. Saving Me. On My Way to Something Magnificent

“A beautiful story of life, love, resilience and purpose. Saving Her. Saving Me. is one woman’s courageous journey to a magnificent life.”
—Charmaine Hammond, award-winning and best-selling author and professional speaker (

“A powerful story of discovery of a mother’s love and courageous journey through a lonely marriage and devastating disease. Bonita Lehmann awakens the warrior within.”
—Debra Kasowski, best-selling author, speaker and certified executive coach (